Fall is the season to receive and let go

How have you felt moving into the fall season? Maybe you’re mourning summer, experience grief, or perhaps you just feel like cleaning out your closet. Whatever it is that you are experiencing, be there. Be present and allow yourself to move through your experience.

When we use natural medicine for healing, we can lean on each seasons for support and guidance. In Classical Chinese Medicine texts, the fall season is associated with receiving and letting go. Since the time of year invites it, release unwanted emotions, relationships, and stuff! 

Nature moves through this process as well. During spring and summer, we watch the foliage flourish in color and brightness. Then as late summer approaches, the leaves and flowers prepare to release, and let go of their beautiful pieces. 

The actions of receiving and letting go are governed by the Lungs and Large Intestines in Classical Chinese Medicine. The lungs take in oxygen, and release carbon dioxide. The large intestine receive food, and release waste. 

The autonomic function of breathing happens without thought or direction. Yet, we often find ourselves holding, controlling or breathing shallow. As a result, our chest becomes constricted and we unknowingly deprive ourselves of oxygen. 

Breath exercise to receiving and letting go

Take a comfortable seated position in any chair or on the floor. Anywhere that’s comfortable and quiet. Pause. Take a deep breath in. Feel your chest expand and then feel your belly fill with air. When you’re full of air, hold that breath in for three seconds, then exhale out your mouth and feel your chest drop and your belly sink in. Let the breath out completely. Hold the breath out for three seconds. Take a deep breath in through your nose again. This time breath in compassion as you fill your chest and belly. Hold the breath and compassion for three seconds, and when you’re ready to let go, say the words, “I release.” Repeat this exercise for 3-5 minutes. Set a time so you can focus on your breath and sink into it.

I hope you enjoyed that exercise. It’s one you can do anywhere at anytime of day. All the tools you need are always with you! For more about Medicine for the Fall Season, watch my video below with Rita Abdallah, wellness coach and intuitive.  

Consider joining me and Rita for a live class on Sunday, September 29 from 1:00p-3:00p in Lakewood, OH. We’ll dive deeper into the theory of fall including dietary suggestion to keep yourself healthy and warm. We’ll also work deeper with our breath, visualization, aromatherapy, and guided self-inquiry to receive and let go.  

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