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Join me for an introduction to pulse taking & diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective. Your pulse represents the body of water within you. This body of water provides insight into the state of your organs, and channel systems, and how they are working together.

Peter Shea joins us today to discuss the eight extraordinary channels and their relationship to our life curriculum including life events, mental-emotional processes, and how we relate to ourselves and our external world.

Peter is the author of Alchemy of the Extraordinary: A Journey into the Heart of the Meridian Matrix (2015), which explores Daoist spirituality and the 8 Extraordinary Vessels.

To learn more about Peter and his offerings, visit his website

Travis is back to share more about facial lines and how they relate to Chinese medicine and our mental-emotional state. Be sure to listen to Part 1 too!

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Parasites and worms are everywhere! In this podcast, I share my recent experience with parasites and worms, what they are, where we get them, how they survive in our bodies, and how to do a parasite cleanse and recover.

Click here for more information about my parasite cleanse with one-on-one support!

*As mentioned in this episode, a thick white coat in the rear of your tongue can be a symptom of parasites. Watch the episode on Tongue Diagnosis here or listen below.

In this episode, we tap into the brain and nervous system to access one of my favorite practices for reducing stress and overwhelm. This practice will help you feel more in control, confident, prepared, and organized.

If you enjoyed this topic and want more, check out my Level 1 Thought Work class. We dive deep into how to take control of your thoughts, decrease rumination, self-criticism, and get unstuck.  thoughts.

In this episode, I am joined by world-renowned physician of Chinese medicine, Randine Lewis. Randine shares her connection with Qi Gong, the cosmos, and how they relate to our Heart.

Randine is a PHD, licensed acupuncturist, and herbalist. She is well known for her work in women’s health using Chinese medicine. She has helped hundreds of women regulate their menstrual cycles, get pregnant, find ease through menopause, and alleviate the body of cysts, fibroids, and endometriosis. If it has to do with women’s health, Randine Lewis is the best resource.

Randine teaches at my alumni, Daoist Traditions College of Medical Arts, for their Integrative Medicine doctoral program.

She has written several books including The Infertility Cure (2005), The Way of the Fertile Soul (2007), Spirit of the Blood (2022), and Birthing the Tao (2023).

Randine’s Website:

Randine’s Yin Qi Gong:

For practitioners wanting to learn from Randine, please visit:

In this episode, I give you an inside look at the Chinese medicine perspective on your muscles and joints: how they work, what causes pain, and what to do to keep them healthy and pain-free. I also share what works for my own muscles and joints, as well as my clinical experience working with athletes, physical injuries, arthritis, and general chronic and acute pain issues.

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Heather reflects on her melanoma diagnosis. She shares what she did to move through it, blending East and West.

Join me and my instructor & master herbalist, Ann Wolman, as we discuss the basics of Chinese herbal medicine, its rich history dating back to 100 B.C., and present-day application and diagnosis. We discuss the specifics of moxibustion, mugwort, and white peony (or bai shao). Ann also explains how Chinese herbal medicine is applied to healing with food therapy. This episode will leave you wanting to try Chinese herbs!

In this episode, I am joined by friend and colleague, Travis Fields who is an expert in Chinese Medicine Facial Reading and Diagnosis. Travis gives us a look into how your face shape, lines, color, and markings provide insight into the state of your short-term and long-term health.

One of the most common questions I receive from patients is, “What does my tongue tell you”, or “What do you see in my tongue?” In this episode, I give you an inside look into the highly sophisticated system of tongue diagnosis, and what it means for our internal physiological system.

In this episode, I chat with my friend and colleague, Susanna Lea, who practices at Southern Village Acupuncture located in Chapel Hill, NC. Susanna and I share our first experiences with acupuncture, discuss symptoms treated during those sessions, and talk about how Chinese medicine down regulates the nervous system. We also talk about using stones for healing and how to start working with them. 

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In this first episode, I share the foundations of Chinese medicine, which are based on the eight principles. These eight principles are used in diagnosis and treatment. We can also use them in our daily lives to help us moderate our energy, needs, and desires. As a result, we will take better care of ourselves and all that we love.

Hi, welcome to season one of Through the Funnel. I’m your host, Malerie Giaimo. Together we will journey through one of the oldest, most mystical, yet simple, medical resources in the world. Everything from pathology and Western science to nature, human behavior, emotions, and spirituality can be put through the funnel of Chinese medicine.

In each of these podcasts, you’ll hear from many experts in the field, myself, and some of my closest friends and teachers. The medicine as I have learned it is based in Daoism. Its teachings and philosophy will be discussed as well.

For reference, these episodes were organized and produced in 2023. I hope this first season opens you to the door of Chinese and natural medicine and you never look back. See you on the inside!

Welcome to Through the Funnel, where we demystify Chinese Medicine, make sense of Western medicine, and connect with our humanity! 

Together we will journey through one of the oldest, most mystical, yet simple, medical resources in the world. 

Everything from pathology and Western science to nature, human behavior, emotions, and spirituality can be put through the funnel of Chinese medicine. 

In each episode, you’ll hear from me, many experts in the field, and some of my closest friends and teachers. 

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