Imagine how you felt the last time you got angry. Did it boil inside you demanding to be expressed? Our emotions are meant to be expressed and experienced, just like the seasons.

During spring, nature surrounds us with growth, expansion, and light. Anger needs the same.

When we allow our anger to move through us and be experienced, we feel relief and spacious. When we try to control our anger by holding it in or suppressing it, it rebels against us. This can wreak havoc in the body resulting in acute and serious illnesses.

Your body is wise. Listen to it and allow your internal season to express.

In my video below, I describe: 

  • Similarities between the spring season and anger. 
  • How and why translating characteristic of spring to your anger will serve you. 
  • How to do express your anger without causing harm to yourself or anyone else around. 

Click below to watch!

As always, I hope you found something useful and thank you for being here!

Stay curious, 

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