2022 Chinese Lunar New Year

On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, we enter the Year of the Yang Water Tiger. This Chinese Lunar New Year marks the first of a 16-day celebration. During these 16 days, we celebrate moving into a new energetic year. The Chinese Lunar New Year is also a time to celebrate leaving winter and welcoming spring!

Each year, the Chinese New Year is represented by three energies.

These energies are pulled from: 

  1. Yin or yang
  2. One of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood)
  3. One of the emperor’s twelve zodiac animals 

Let’s take a closer look at the three energies for this coming year and how they can be applied to our lives!

YANG: Yang is the opposite of yin. Yang is activity, movement, sunshine, high noon, and, masculine. This year you may recognize the presence of yang energy in your life by feeling and being more active, and productive, rising earlier, noticing the need for less sleep, wanting to be more social, and completing lingering projects.

Be aware of restlessness, busy work, excess, activity that depletes your energy, high expectations, over-controlling, criticism, and judgment.

CT Holmes, Ms, L.Ac. writes, “The yang is associated with the father figure which plays the role of encouragement and instilling a belief in oneself to go out into the world confidently.”

WATER: 2022 brings us the water element. This element asks us to be in the flow and to roll with the changing tides. We can apply this by being present in each moment while rolling with or through what occurs. Find flow by moving in rhythm with your day. Pay attention to resistance. 

The water element differs from the 2021 element, metal. This element insists on structure, precision, and planning, which can lead to rigidity and resistance.

In this 2022 year, we will weather the storms with the ease of water and the strength of yang.

TIGER: Tigers are powerful, devoted animals. As individuals, they do things their way with persistence, yet are committed to their community and family.

Like many cats, this large feline is patient, aware, and precise. When they are ready, they act fast. Quick, calculated changes can occur in your life this year!

This Yang Water-Tiger year encourages us to be ourselves. To seek out and understand our individuality knowing we can always return to our beloved family and community.

A tiger’s detailed markings and the depth in their eyes suggest a sense of mysticism. This year be open to miracles, powers, and hope beyond the physical realms.

See yourself believing in all possibilities and dreams. Develop rituals that support your desires and ideals.

Welcome to the 2022 Year of the Yang Water Tiger! Embrace and apply its wisdom.

To learn more about how these three energetics will affect the weather, environment, overall health, politics, social relations, and your specific zodiac sign, click here.

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As always, stay curious!


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