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Curious about parasites and worms? Wonder if you have them? Want support during your cleanse? Then this is for you!

Get all your questions answered and the support you need to cleanse. We’ll meet one-on-one via phone or Zoom for your two sessions included in the cleanse. *More sessions may be added.

Malerie will guide you through the cleanse and share her personal experience. With your personalized, one-on-one consults, she’ll help you understand:

  • How We Get Parasites
  • How Parasites Survive In Us
  • Where Parasites Live in the Body
  • Common Symptoms
  • Best Times to Cleanse
  • What You DO & DON’T Need to Do
  • Cleanse Symptoms
  • Repair & Recovery

A note from Malerie: Parasites and worms are real. We do come in contact with them. It’s gross to think about, but cleansing them is worth it. Once I expelled the parasites and worms living in me, many of my symptoms went away. I’m talking about 10+ years with rashes, bloating, digestive cramping, and heart palpitations to name a few. In European countries, it’s common to cleanse parasites once a year. Why don’t we? In our time together, you’ll learn how to cleanse the first time and for every year after that!

*Following your purchase you will receive a PDF of information, including a private link to schedule your two calls with Malerie. Any recommended herbs or medications will be discussed in your consults.

*Refunds are not provided on classes, digital downloads, and access granted sites and links. You will be added to my mailing list following your purchase, unsubscribe at any time.

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