5 Reasons to choose Acupuncture for Fertility, Infertility

Your fertility journey is as important as the baby you want to conceive. During this process, you’ll want to take care of yourself first. I know this may seem obvious, or maybe not. Either way, in order for the female body to conceive a child, it needs regularity and relaxation.

This means regulating your menstrual cycle (if not already regular), reducing stress, adjusting your schedule for more rest, if necessary, altering your diet, and checking your relationship with your desire to have a child.

In this video, you’ll hear five reasons for using Acupuncture and Chinese medicine for fertility. If you’re already using western medicine, you can incorporate eastern medicine along side it too!

The five reasons for including Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in your fertility journey are:

  1. It will regulate your cycle.
  2. It’s a complete system of care.
  3. It will reduce stress.
  4. You’ll review your dietary health.
  5. Encourages a healthy relationship with your desire.

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