A Public Service Announcement on women’s health!

The number of women using contraceptives in the United States is astonishing. A recent study by the CDC reported that over 2/3 of women use contraceptives to control, regulate, and suppress their menstrual cycle, and reduce pain.

But, contraceptives don’t fix the issue! As a matter of fact, the issue often returns after stopping the contraceptive or…even worse, you develop a whole new issue – like I did.

It’s time for a change! Time to fix the problem

In this video, I share why western medicine isn’t the best option for women’s health. I then offer a readily available alternative. One that will alleviate, heal and support you while resolving your nagging issue whether it be premenstrual symptoms, irregular periods, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, aid in fertility and menopause.

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As always, I hope you found something useful!

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Article I mention: https://www.self.com/story/report-two-thirds-women-use-birth-control


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