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Tired of a racing mind, non-stop thoughts, ideas, to-do’s, and self-criticisms? Let’s change that!

Our brain is hard-wired for survival. The majority of our thoughts keep us in a perpetual state of fight/flight. This fear-based state offers comfort and safety but prolongs growth, evolution, and intellectual development. The good news is that your brain acts like a muscle, and muscles can be changed!

In this class, you’ll learn practices for how to manage your thoughts and turn your brain into your best friend. One that is confident, solution-oriented, well-organized, and abundant.

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  • How to Recognize Thoughts that Keep You Stuck and How to Reshape Them
  • Western & Eastern Neurology and Physiology on Where Thoughts Come From
  • Why We Have Thoughts
  • Practices to Shift & Elevate Your Perspective, Actions, and Intentions with Yourself & the Outside World


  • Seven On-Demand Audio/Video Lessons
  • Malerie’s Personal Thought Work Practices
  • Accompanying PDF Workbook
  • Submission Box to Ask Questions Anonymously, Answered by Malerie
  • Invaluable Information & Resources
  • Lifetime Access to Online Content!

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