Thought work

Learn TO use your Most powerful tool, your brain!

Tired of your racing mind, non-stop thoughts, ideas, to-do's, and self-criticisms?

Let's change that!

The majority of our thoughts keep us in a perpetual state of fight/flight.

We are hard-wired for survival. This fear-based state offers comfort and safety but prolongs growth, evolution, and intellectual development. The good news is that your brain acts like a muscle, and muscles can be changed!

In this class, I’ll teach you practices for managing your thoughts and you’ll learn how to turn your brain into your best friend. One that is confident, solution-oriented, well-organized, and abundant.


your class includes:


  • How to Recognize Thoughts that Keep You Stuck and How to Reshape Them
  • Western and Eastern Neurology and Physiology on Where Thoughts Come From
  • Why You Have Thoughts
  • Practices to Shift & Elevate your Perspective, Actions, and Intentions with Yourself & the Outside World


  • 90 Minutes of On-Demand Audio and Video Lessons with Malerie
  • Malerie’s Six Favorite Practices for Working with Your Thoughts
  • Additional Video Resources to Support You


  • 20-Page Accompanying PDF Workbook, Filled with Helpful Practices and Writing Exercises 
  • Submission Box to Ask Questions Anonymously, Answered by Malerie
  • Lifetime Access to Online Content!

Your thoughts are malleable.

Once you become aware of your thoughts, you can begin shaping them to create the life you want!

Hi, I'm Malerie

At a young age, my mom saw the writer and creator within me. She always encouraged me to dig deeper, offer more, and add a surprising angle. She often gave me journals and books on writing and the artist’s brain. From those resources, I learned that we are in control. We not only choose what we do but also what we think. 

Years later, surpassing my teens and twenties, I arrived in my thirties desperate to understand why some thoughts, tasks, and goals were easier than others, while others kept me stuck in procrastination and confusion. This curiosity lead me straight to Western neurology, Chinese medicine, Daoism, cognitive behavior therapy, and life coaching. A compilation of each of those became this Thought Work Class. 

I hope this class changes your brain and your life!


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